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With qualified and experienced quality surveyors, our team has insight into the specific requirements of residential aged care homes and can assist you with:


  • Self-assessment preparation to ensure your submission is clear, succinct and includes all relevant information
  • Full site audit and gap analysis against the accreditation Standards and expected outcomes to identify deficits and opportunities for improvement
  • Analysis of specific systems and processes
  • Priority Action Plan development to ensure all identified gaps are prioritised and effectively managed as part of ongoing continuous improvement and in line with accreditation and compliance timeframes
  • Addressing deficits related to non-compliance and required improvements identified internally or externally
  • Staff education and preparation to instill confidence and ensure that your staff understand Standards, expected outcomes and regulatory requirements to enable them to confidently present your service to surveyors during visits
  • Ongoing monitoring and staff support to guide and assist the maintenance of sustainable, internally driven, customised systems and processes in line with accreditation and compliance requirements, individual service needs and best practice